Beware of the “Ides of March” and Beyond

For those planning to tidy up your estate by going ahead and utilizing your $11 million+ gift tax exemption this year,   you may want to acquire and apply some extra drafting talent. A number of proposals are circulating which reduce the exemption to as low as $1 million but the most difficult proposals may be […]


CROWDFUNDING Perry Douglas West, Esq   “Crowdfunding” is essentially raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. Crowdfunding appeared in the 1700’s as loan funds created by donations from wealthy citizens that provided loans to poor but creditworthy people.  They have continued through modern day “micro funding” or peer to peer micro […]


Few things have changed as quickly over the last several years as the landscape for commercial real estate and business loans, the traditional source for these loans being primarily   commercial banks.   Since long before Covid19,  the lingering effects of the 2008 world financial crisis have continued to show themselves in the business and commercial lending […]


Perry Douglas West, Esq. We’ve all heard it, seen it or maybe even said it:   “if so-and-so wins the election,  I’m leaving the country.   Well, if you’ve said it or thought about it, and taxes matter to you, you will want to take a long, hard, sober look at the U.S. “Expatriation Tax” or “Exit […]

3 Tips to Consider when your Condominium Association is Doing a Maintenance or Alteration Project

If your association is looking at doing a maintenance or alteration project, here are 3 Tips for consideration by the Board of Directors and the Unit Owners BEFORE the first square of carpet is removed or the first shovel of dirt dug. First, determine whether the anticipated project is required “maintenance”, or whether it is […]

Community Property Rights in a business, in a non community property state

If you’ve moved that family owned technology or other # business to Florida from a community property state like California or Texas and divorce is rearing its ugly head, you’re going to run into the Florida Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act and its associated case law. Are you prepared?

Resurgence of the Ethical Will

Resurgence of the Ethical Will The will is a set of instructions for the distribution of our money and our assets upon our death. But, are these things really our only or even most important legacy? On reflection, most people would say not. Perhaps the most important part of who we are is reflected in […]

LLC’s. End of the tunnel or oncoming train…

LLC’s. End of the tunnel or oncoming train… So you thought you handled the issue of organizational risk when you used a Limited Liability Company to start your business… well, maybe not so much. Florida has more than a half dozen general exceptions to the limitation of liability through the use of the limited liability […]

Don’t lose your commercial Lease renewal rights

Don’t lose your commercial Lease renewal rights Those of you with commercial leases who are relying upon a renewal or extension provision in the lease to maintain your business location in the future need to specifically review those provisions. A Florida Appellate Court recently ruled that renewal option terms providing for “the then prevailing market […]

Trust Modification

“I’m sure that we can modify grandmother’s trust…….” With the significant changes in society and the law over the years, many long term trust provisions have been what some refer to as “OBE” (overtaken by events) . To deal with situations that have become unmanageable, some jurisdictions including the State of Florida provide for the […]