Beware of the “Ides of March” and Beyond

For those planning to tidy up your estate by going ahead and utilizing your $11 million+ gift tax exemption this year,   you may want to acquire and apply some extra drafting talent. A number of proposals are circulating which reduce the exemption to as low as $1 million but the most difficult proposals may be […]


CROWDFUNDING Perry Douglas West, Esq   “Crowdfunding” is essentially raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. Crowdfunding appeared in the 1700’s as loan funds created by donations from wealthy citizens that provided loans to poor but creditworthy people.  They have continued through modern day “micro funding” or peer to peer micro […]

3 Tips to Consider when your Condominium Association is Doing a Maintenance or Alteration Project

If your association is looking at doing a maintenance or alteration project, here are 3 Tips for consideration by the Board of Directors and the Unit Owners BEFORE the first square of carpet is removed or the first shovel of dirt dug. First, determine whether the anticipated project is required “maintenance”, or whether it is […]

Don’t lose your commercial Lease renewal rights

Don’t lose your commercial Lease renewal rights Those of you with commercial leases who are relying upon a renewal or extension provision in the lease to maintain your business location in the future need to specifically review those provisions. A Florida Appellate Court recently ruled that renewal option terms providing for “the then prevailing market […]


COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE, “INSTANT FORECLOSURE” Commercial Real Estate owners in states such as Florida have operated with the knowledge that, should the economic winds turn against them, they could see some benefits from the real estate lender having to pursue its rights through the real estate foreclosure process.  This process involves a proceeding in equity which […]