Growth Acquisition & Sale of Your Business

Expert Legal Advice to Guide Your Acquisition & Exit Strategies

Whether you’re looking to purchase a business or sell your business, an experienced business lawyer should be a key team member throughout the process. After spending years investing time and energy into your endeavor, ensure that your interests are protected during any acquisition or merger talks.

Acquiring Another Business

Looking to expand your service offerings or market reach by acquiring another business? Let Perry Douglas West, Esq., support you through the pre-acquisition process through the closing process.

When purchasing a business, it’s important to take put a keen eye to the company’s financials as well as their operating procedures. Both can impact the future viability of the enterprise under your leadership. Once the viability of the business is determined and it is found to be a good fit for your goals, you’ll want to create an offer that is in your best interests and that is tempting to the other party. From there, negotiations will likely commence. A skilled negotiator will be of great benefit and can help advise you on how to proceed.

Once a sale is agreed upon, it may be necessary to take further legal measures, such as creating a new joint venture, acquiring financing, or undertaking a restructuring, which may include the sale of assets. The qualified advice of a business law expert can help you ensure that any actions taken are in line with state and federal laws.

With decades of support helping businesses in multiple industries both nationally and locally, Perry Douglas West, Esq., is primed to help you make the most of this opportunity and to help you protect your bottom line as you aim to expand and scale.

Selling Your Business

For many entrepreneurs, a successful exit strategy includes the sale or acquisition of their business. This is not a short process, however. Depending on the size of your venture, the M&A process can months or years to complete — and it begins before seeking out interested parties.

In order to be viewed as an attractive purchase, businesses will need to ensure that they are on sound legal ground, that their financials and valuation are accurate, and that their policies and procedures are appropriately codified. From there, potential buyers can be sought out. A business lawyer with experience handling sales can help create, review, and negotiate terms and conditions and advise on some of the potential tax ramifications of the sale.

In addition to a sale, Perry Douglas West, Esq., can help your business merge with another business and help you find suitable terms that will be of benefit for you and for the new enterprise that is being formed.

The complexity of a sale will depend on the size and complexity of your business. For smaller ventures, it can be a simple process, whereas larger organizations will likely face a more complex sale process. Regardless, Perry Douglas West, Esq., can help protect your interests as you work towards your goal

Protect Your Interests with a Skilled Florida Business Lawyer

Perry Douglas West, Esq., has helped both Florida and national businesses from ideation through the mergers and acquisition process. His expertise has allowed his clients to successfully implement their exit strategies in a way that served their interests and those of their businesses.

Perry Douglas West, Esq., can help you research, negotiate terms, create contracts, and review contracts. In addition, we can partner with in-house counsel to provide additional support throughout a legally intense period that can have major implications for your enterprise.

Whether you are currently in talks to sell or purchase a business or considering selling or purchasing a business, consult with Perry Douglas West, Esq., to secure the best terms possible.