Opportunity Development & Business Formation

Starting your business off on the right foot is important. Protect yourself from the onset with a knowledgeable Florida business formation lawyer.

At Perry Douglas West, Esq., we can help you explore a business opportunity or form a new entity in your chosen industry. With decades of experience helping businesses maneuver through the sometimes confusing landscape of business law, we are primed to help you make the best choices for your business.

Why Your Business Structure Matters

When selecting a business entity designation, it’s important to consider your industry and your plans for the future. How you structure your business will have an impact on how you pay yourself, how you file taxes, and what regulatory standards your business will be beholden to. While starting a partnership or running your business as a sole-proprietorship may seem simple, these entity designations can have legal ramifications down the line. Reduce your liability and seek legal advice.

A business lawyer can:

  • Help you choose the most appropriate legal designation for your business and industry.
  • Determine where the best place to start your business is.
  • File the appropriate paperwork to help you create your business.
  • Secure an EIN for your new entity.
  • Create ownership and operating agreements.
  • Assist with the creation of your articles of incorporation and the selection of board members.
  • Assist with the creation of employment contracts.
  • Negotiate and review commercial real estate lease terms or purchases.
  • Review and negotiate financing terms.
  • Review, create and negotiate contracts for vendors and other organizations.
  • Help you acquire a business or sell your own business.
  • Review and negotiate shareholder agreements.
  • Provide general business legal advice.

A business lawyer isn’t a luxury — in today’s business environment, it’s a necessity. Make sure your business has a skilled legal expert on your side. Contact Perry Douglas West, Esq., now.

Beyond Business Formation

Once you’ve chosen your business entity and have begun operations, having a trusted legal adviser can help you maintain compliance with regulatory standards in your industry and confront any legal issues that arise. When you choose a trustworthy business lawyer, you can focus on running your business and know that your legal concerns are being handled. This peace of mind can help you turn your creative and strategic energy to what matters most to you — the viability of your business.

Often, businesses must pivot in order to stay relevant. Whatever course of action you choose to take, we can help you explore your options, whether it’s pursuing an exit strategy, shifting your focus to a different industry, or seeking investors. We can investigate potential issues and help protect your organization.

A Business Lawyer for Every Need: From Startup to Acquisition

Perry Douglas West, Esq., has helped businesses of all sizes navigate the sometimes uncertain terrain of business law. From selecting a business structure to negotiating sales and mergers, we have the experience necessary to guide both new and serial entrepreneurs.

Whether you want to go public or maintain ownership of a smaller-scale operation, seeking the advice of a trusted business lawyer can help ensure you have all the information and resources you need to make your business a success.

Don’t wait until legal issues arise. Schedule a consultation with Perry Douglas West, Esq., today.